The Beginnings Of AYA – Part 3

Monday 12 October 1970 – The meeting of the Youth Action! Aylesbury Committee was formed as a result of a request from a meeting of Aylesbury Secondary heads and the Aylesbury Fish Scheme to sponsor a Youth Action Group in Aylesbury. At the election of officers that evening, Mr KD Smith was elected as chairman of the committee.

The Beginnings Of AYA – Part 2

May to July 1970 – Meetings were held in Aylesbury by heads of the six secondary schools with representatives of the local welfare organisations and the Rotary Club of Aylesbury to consider the possibility of ‘closer co-ordination of existing social service by young people in Aylesbury’. Alex Dickson (founder of Voluntary Service Overseas and Community Service Volunteers) gave advice on the best way forward, and offered for a full time Community Service Volunteer to provide the necessary channels of co-ordination and communication for the project.


The Beginnings Of AYA – Part 1

December 1965 – A Bessey National Report – “Service By Youth” outlined the need for service by young people in local education authorities across the country. Community service was already established in some schools in Aylesbury, but this report prompted the need for its co-ordination.