Maryam has been a trustee since 2019. My background is in finance and wealth management and my career started in the early 1990’s on Wall Street and the City (before most of you were born).

I am a first-generation immigrant as my parents left their home country Iran after the 1979 revolution. I have always been passionate about creating the best opportunities for young people.

Simon Rudiger

Simon (Rudiger) is the newest addition to the AYA trustee board having joined in October 2023. I currently work in Milton Keynes as a director of a charity supporting young people through social enterprises and I lived in Aylesbury until the summer of 2023. AYA offers an amazing range of opportunities for young people to serve their local communities; my role on the board is to ensure we do that well and safely, helping more young people volunteer and make a difference.

Simon Garwood